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Unearthing Arkansas: The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Digging Adventures

Unearthing the Treasures of Arkansas: A Guide to Crystal Digging in the State

For crystal enthusiasts and collectors, Arkansas is a gem of a state. Tucked into the heart of America’s Midwest, it boasts an abundance of delicate and extraordinary quartz crystals that shine like gems in the light.

The state has become a mecca for crystal seekers, who come from all over the world to explore the mines and dig sites that offer them the chance to unearth these rare treasures. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top crystal digging sites in Arkansas and the impact of COVID-19 on this popular attraction.

Whether you are a seasoned crystal hunter or just starting out, we hope this guide will provide you with valuable information that will enhance your crystal digging experience.

Digging for Quartz Crystals in Arkansas

When it comes to finding quartz crystals in Arkansas, there are several mines and dig sites to choose from. Each offers something unique, be it a money-back guarantee, different sizes of crystals, or pet-friendly digs.

Here are some of our top picks:

1. Crystal Vista

This is one of the best spots for free and surface collecting.

At Crystal Vista, you can find smaller-sized quartz points that are perfect for collectors who prefer clear crystals. This mine offers a straightforward digging experience, with no frills or extra costs.

2. Wegner Quartz Crystal Mine

This is an open-pit mine that offers a chance to engage in hard rock mining.

At Wegner’s, you can choose from several paid digs that will give you access to the Crystal Forest Mine or tailings piles. These digs offer a better chance of finding clear crystals, making them especially popular with seasoned hunters.

3. Coleman’s Rock Shop & Crystal Mines

Coleman’s is another great option for crystal seekers, with a money-back guarantee and tailings dig.

This family-owned mine is located in Jessieville and offers clear crystals that are carefully selected from the mine. You can bring your own tools or rent them on-site.

4. Ron Coleman Mining

This is a popular mine for hunters who want to experience unlimited dig time and clear quartz.

The mine offers tours and is pet-friendly, making it a great option for families. The tailings are also a good spot to look for crystals that have been overlooked by other hunters.

5. Twin Creek Crystal Mine

This is an actual mine that requires an inquiry beforehand and offers tailored experiences.

Twin Creek is ideal for those looking for a unique dig adventure. The mine owner, Max, will customize your dig, making it a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

6. Board Camp Crystal Mine

This is a reservation-only mine that offers a forest dig.

The mine is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest, making it an ideal location for those who want to enjoy a modern situation. The UnXplained Tours are also worth checking out, providing insight into the history of the mine.

Impact of COVID-19

While crystal digging is a popular attraction in Arkansas, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some closures and fluctuations in hours and days of operation. Some mines may require reservations or may have limited availability due to social distancing guidelines.

Therefore, it is advisable to check with the site before making plans, especially if traveling from out of town. There are several alternatives to avoid crowded areas.

Digging sites outside of the major digging sites, such as those found in Ouachita National Forest, have proven to be very fruitful. This way, you can still enjoy the thrill of the hunt without compromising your safety.


Arkansas has become a mystical sanctuary for enthusiasts and collectors to explore and experience crystal digging. With several options, each mine or dig site offers a unique experience that showcases the thrill of the finding.

However, with the impact of COVID-19, digging for crystals has changed. Nonetheless, with the social distancing guidelines and changes in operation hours and days, we can still enjoy the experience by digging farther away and taking the extra precautionary measures.

We hope that through this guide, we were able to provide valuable information for those who are planning to try crystal digging in Arkansas. Expanding on Arkansas: An Abundant Haven for Quartz Crystals

Arkansas is undoubtedly a prime location for quartz crystal hunters around the world.

With an abundance of innumerable sites across the state, crystal seekers will be able to find clear quartz crystals in a natural environment that is simply unmatched anywhere else in the world. In this expansion, we will dive deeper into what makes Arkansas such a remarkable location for quartz crystals and examine the types of crystals that can be found.

An Abundance of Crystal Dig Sites

Arkansas is one of the best places in the world for collectors and seekers of quartz crystals. The state has hundreds of crystal mines and dig sites to choose from, making it an ideal location for both experienced and novice seekers alike.

Whether you’re an avid collector or someone who simply wants to experience the unique thrill of crystal digging for the first time, Arkansas has something for everyone. One notable site is the Board Camp Crystal Mine.

This mine is a must-visit for anyone seeking an ethereal experience. The property is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest, making it the perfect site for a forest dig.

The Board Camp Mine is especially popular among those who believe in the supernatural, as a variety of ghost sightings and strange occurrences have been reported at the property. While not strictly an attraction for paranormal enthusiasts, it is worth noting that this type of site adds a level of interesting mystic to the mining experience.

The Board Camp Crystal Mine is just one example of many that make Arkansas an ideal location for crystal seekers. From the tailings of the state’s largest mines to small private landowners that have discovered crystal deposits, the state’s digging sites are vast and plentiful.

Types of Quartz Crystals Found in Arkansas Mines

While Arkansas is a treasure trove of quartz crystals, most of the crystals produced are clear, with no significant deposits of amethyst or other varieties. Clear quartz crystals come in all shapes and sizes, including small points perfect for collectors, and large impressive clusters that will make a statement in any collection.

The crystals found in Arkansas are some of the most pristine and pure crystals anywhere in the world, which makes them highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts. Arkansas is also known for the variety of arrangements and shapes present in their crystals.

The various terminations (points) designs and clarity make Arkansas crystals some of the most distinctive and diverse of their kind. With the variety of crystalline forms found here, visitors are certain to find unique and singular specimens that are hard to find anywhere else.

In terms of variety, amethyst quartz is one of the most coveted types worldwide, but is unlikely to be found in Arkansas mines. However, the states mountains and geology offer a rich and complex history of mineral exploration and exploitation, providing indications that other varieties of quartz may still be waiting to be discovered or excavated.


Arkansas remains a gem of a state for collectors and enthusiasts of quartz crystals. The vast number of dig sites and mines present in the state, including the Board Camp Crystal Mine, offers a unique and unforgettable experience for hunters, while the crystals themselves are recognized as some of the most impressive in the world.

While the majority of crystals mined in Arkansas are clear quartz, the variety of shapes and sizes make it an optimal location for those seeking unique specimens to add to their collection. Ultimately, the state’s geological history and mountainous terrain mean there may still be undiscovered deposits of other quartz varieties out there waiting to be found and cherished.

Tips and Resources for Successful Crystal Digging in Arkansas

Crystal digging in Arkansas is an exciting experience for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Not only is the state abundant in crystal mines and sites, but the crystals themselves are unmatched in their quality and variety.

To get the most out of your quartz crystal digging experience, there are some tips and resources you should be aware of.

Recommendations for Bringing Your Own Equipment

Many crystal mines and sites in Arkansas offer equipment rentals, but it is always recommended to bring your own tools. Some tools that may come in handy include a gardening fork, a folding shovel, and a screen.

These tools allow you to extract crystals and sift through dirt and rock more efficiently. Ultimately, the right gear can enhance your experience, so investing in the appropriate equipment may be worthwhile in the long run.

Availability Calendar for Best Time to Visit

One way to maximize your crystal digging experience is to be aware of the best times to visit. Information on when to plan a visit to Arkansas can be found in remarkable detail on the website of the Geological Resources section of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

The website provides added material on the geography of the area, as well as helpful tips depending on the type of soil and terrain specifics. Be sure to take note that the best times may change depending on the exact location, type of experience sought, and weather conditions of each digging site.

Tailings vs. Mining

There are two main methods for hunting crystals: tailings and mining.

Surface collecting, or using tailings, is a simpler approach to finding quartz-based crystals, as the crystals are readily available on the surface of piles of excavated debris. Digging itself requires more strenuous physical effort and more equipment.

While mining may offer a more authentic mining experience, tailings piles can offer a more stress-free, leisurely trip that is ideal for those new to the experience.

General Information on Quartz Crystal Digging in Arkansas

Cost and Accessibility

Crystal digging in Arkansas is relatively affordable, with prices ranging from free for surface collecting to more costly experiences that may include access to the actual mine. Some of the available paid digs are cheaper, as they may only provide access to tailings piles.

Overall, crystal digging is available and accessible for most budget ranges.


The vast number of mines and sites in Arkansas means that crystal hunting can be done throughout the state. However, most prime digging spots are located in the central and northwest regions of the state, with some of the most popular mines located south of Mt. Ida and north of Hot Springs.

General Experiences and Features

In addition to crystal digging, some sites and mines offer unique features and attractions. For instance, several mine sites offer rockhounding, which is a way to learn about and discover various rocks and minerals.

Other sites offer guided tours, pet-friendly trips, and other distinct experiences that add to the overall experience of digging for quartz crystals in Arkansas.


For anyone interested in crystal digging, Arkansas offers some of the most amazing experiences in the world. The state is home to numerous dig sites and mines that provide an opportunity to find high-quality quartz crystals that are both stunning and distinct.

Remembering tips like bringing your own equipment and awareness of the most optimal times to visit can enhance the experience, while noting the general information on location and prices offered can make planning and preparation more seamless. Whether you seek rockhounding, pet-friendly trips, or unique experiences, Arkansas has something for you.

In conclusion, Arkansas is a prime location for crystal digging enthusiasts, offering an abundance of sites, clear quartz crystals, and unique experiences that make for an unforgettable adventure. Remembering to bring your own equipment, being aware of the best times to visit each site, and understanding the differences between tailings and mining can maximize your success in finding crystals.

With a reasonable price range, crystal digging in Arkansas is accessible to everyone, and the central location of sites throughout the state makes it easy to plan a trip. For anyone interested in rockhounding, unique experiences, or simply the thrill of the hunt, Arkansas offers an ideal destination that you won’t soon forget.


1. What type of crystals can be found in Arkansas?

Answer: While primarily clear quartz crystals are found in Arkansas, other varieties may also be discovered although not as common.


What is the best time to visit Arkansas for crystal digging? Answer: Depending on specific sites and their location, visiting in late winter and early spring is recommended to improve prospects for finding exquisite specimens.

3. Do I need my own equipment to go crystal digging in Arkansas?

Answer: While many mines and sites in Arkansas offer equipment rentals, bringing your own tools is recommended to enhance efficiency. 4.

Is crystal digging in Arkansas expensive? Answer: Crystal digging in Arkansas is relatively affordable, with options for both free and paid digs.

5. Are there specific locations where crystal digging is most successful in Arkansas?

Answer: Both central and northwest Arkansas are known for their abundance of crystal mines and sites, with some of the most popular being south of Mt. Ida and north of Hot Springs.

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