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Uncovering Hidden Treasures: A Guide to Gem Mining in South Carolina

Gem Mining in South Carolina: A Guide to Finding Precious Stones

South Carolina is home to some of the best gem-mining locations in the United States. From private claims to public lands, there are a variety of options for those looking to dig for precious stones.

In this article, we will explore some of the paid digs and tourist attractions around Greenville and

Spartanburg County, as well as private claims for those who seek more exclusive experiences.

Paid Digs

Diamond Hill Mine

Diamond Hill Mine is the perfect location for those who want to dig for minerals and beautiful stones in a legal and comfortable way. This paid dig offers a 6-acre mine tailing area where you can find a treasure trove of clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, and more.

A mineral collection is also available to browse. What makes this location special is the fact that there are fewer rules compared to other paid dig locations in the area.

Legal Issues

It’s imperative to be aware of legal issues when it comes to gem mining in South Carolina. Unfortunately, in the past, there have been instances of people damaging the natural environment and stealing gems from private property.

It is essential to follow carefully laid out rules while mining gems and to do so legally. Diamond Hill follows strict rules to ensure everyone is safe and has a terrific time while visiting the mine.

Greenville Gemstone Mine


Greenville Gemstone Mine is a tourist attraction that offers the experience of flume mining. Flume mining is an activity where you get to use a screen in flowing water to sift through and search for hidden gemstones.

This tourist attraction is unique in that it offers guests the chance to find salted gemstones. Salted gemstones are gems that have been added for the sake of fun.

It ensures that everyone comes away happy with a great find.

Spartanburg County

Spartanburg County has several options for those looking to mine gems. One of the major minerals in

Spartanburg County is the tourmaline, and this location is host to private claims.

Private claims mean that only members of specific clubs or a select group of individuals are allowed on the property. One such club that manages claims is the Spartanburg Gem and Mineral Society.

This location is perfect for experienced miners looking for a more exclusive opportunity to find their next precious stone.

Anderson County

Anderson County has a lot to offer concerning gem- and mineral-mining opportunities. One of the main gemstones found in this location is aquamarine.

The best way to find aquamarine is to search through pegmatites and river beds. Unlike

Spartanburg County, much of the mining in

Anderson County is done on public lands.

That means anyone can visit these areas and start searching for a unique and valuable gem. Tigerville Prospect, Greenville County

The Tigerville Prospect in Greenville County is another great location to mine for gems.

With a heavy concentration of zircon, this location also offers brown and yellow varieties. With its streams and private land, this location offers visitors the chance to find beautiful gems at their leisure.


South Carolina is home to several excellent gem mining locations, and this list is just the beginning. From paid digs to private claims, to tourist attractions and public lands, there is a spot for everyone to feel comfortable while searching for their next big find.

Remember to follow safety protocols, obey the law, and most importantly, have fun!


Greenville Gemstone Mine

Looking for a gem-mining experience that your kids will never forget? Look no further than the

Greenville Gemstone Mine.

This tourist attraction offers a unique experience in flume mining that is perfect for kids and visitors of all ages. Flume mining is a process where you use a screen in flowing water to sift through and search for hidden gemstones.

The process is surprisingly physical, making it great for those with plenty of stamina.


Greenville Gemstone Mine is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to get their hands on a wide array of gemstones. The location houses 40 different types of gemstones, with varying levels of rarity and unique beauty.

Visitors will get to hunt for salted gemstones, which are added to the activity for the sake of excitement. These gemstones are mixed in with the natural stone, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of finding something rare.


One of the best things about

Greenville Gemstone Mine is how accessible it is. The location offers parking spots right next to the attraction, making it easy for visitors to get in and start exploring.

The flumes are at a comfortable height, which ensures anyone can get involved regardless of their physical ability. The location is also wheelchair accessible, which means everyone can have a chance to experience the wonder of gem mining for themselves.

Best for Kids

Greenville Gemstone Mine is an excellent activity for kids. Children will love getting their hands dirty and being able to explore with the water and the sluice.

You don’t need to worry about them getting bored either, as finding salted gems and the chance to find something rare will keep them entertained for hours. Children can immerse themselves in the hunt for treasure while parents enjoy the beautiful views.


Spartanburg County

Spartanburg County is a hub for gem-mining enthusiasts. The area has a rich variety of minerals, including tourmaline, making it a must-visit location for anyone looking for some great finds.


Spartanburg County is unique in that it offers different opportunities for mining on public and private land. There are quarries in the area that visitors can access, and the county ensures they are well-managed and safe.

Some of the land, however, is privately owned and has been set up as claims managed by clubs for their members.


One of the best features of

Spartanburg County is how easy it is to access different locations for mining. Visitors have the opportunity to explore streams, rivers, and trails amidst beautiful scenery while searching for gems.

The county is also home to several hiking trails famous for their natural beauty, and these offer unique opportunities for gem-mining and even panning for gold. Keep in mind that some locations, such as the Carolina State Park, offer opportunities for gem-mining but strictly prohibit removal of any minerals.

Private and

Public Land

Spartanburg County is a prime location for private and public land mining. The area has claims owned by private clubs, which means access to these sites is restricted to members.

Private claims offer an excellent opportunity for experienced miners looking for a more exclusive experience. Public lands also offer plenty of locations where visitors can mine for gems, provided they follow safety rules.

Native Finds

Spartanburg County is home to several native gems and minerals, making it a prime location for mineral collectors. In addition to tourmaline, the area is also home to Amazonite, garnets, and beryl.

Visitors will have a chance to see these gems in the beds of local rivers and streams.


Gem mining enthusiasts in South Carolina have a lot to discover in

Spartanburg County. This area offers an array of private and public land opportunities that provide something for everyone.

With its variety of gems and minerals, beautiful natural structures, and easy accessibility,

Spartanburg County is a must-visit location for anyone looking to discover some treasures. 5)

Anderson County

Anderson County in South Carolina is known for its scenic beauty, and it also houses some of the state’s most accessible and rich gem-mining locations. This area is perfect for nature lovers looking for a treasure hunt.


Anderson County is rich in gems, and among the most common is aquamarine. The landscape is also home to pegmatites, schist, limestone, and bedrocks, all of which offer ideal locations for gem mining.

River beds are where the best finds are often made, where water cutting through stone contributes to the creation of beautiful gems.


Much of

Anderson County’s gem-mining activity takes place on public lands, which makes it incredibly accessible to anyone who wants to give this activity a try. One of the best locations to check out is Pelzer, where there is a state park that invites visitors to mine for gems.

The mine provides fun-filled labor as visitors look for pockets of amethyst, topaz, and more.

Public Land

For those who would like to experience mining on public lands, the county has several options. In the past, there have been issues with illegal gem mining on public lands, which is why it is now recommended to acquire permission before beginning.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of areas where the public can hunt for gems.

Water Cutting Through Stone

One of the unique features of

Anderson County is how water cuts through the local rocks, revealing a wealth of precious stones. By following the trails left behind, treasure hunters can discover everything from aquamarine to emeralds to garnets.

6) Tigerville Prospect, Greenville County

The Tigerville Prospect in Greenville County is a must-visit location for anyone looking to mine for zircon, brown zircon, and yellow zircon. It is an excellent location for families looking for a unique way to bond.


The primary focus of the Tigerville Prospect is zircon, with most of the stones coming in brown and yellow varieties. With its nearby streams and creeks, the prospect offers an excellent opportunity for gem mining enthusiasts to come out and search.


While the Tigerville Prospect itself is privately owned, visitors can still hunt for zircon on the streams and creeks that run alongside it. Unfortunately, zoning and other issues have limited how much of the site is open to the public.

There are still areas to explore, including the nearby Barton Creek and Tyger River.

Private Land

Access to the Tigerville Prospect is limited due to its status as private land. Those looking to explore the area itself may need to seek out special permission or join in a group visit.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of streams and creeks in the area open for accessing with little issue.

Zoning Problems

There have been zoning problems for the Tigerville Prospect in Greenville County, which have led to some access restrictions. Nonetheless, gem mining enthusiasts can still find unique gemstones in the streams and creeks that run alongside the prospect.


Anderson County and Greenville County in South Carolina are excellent locations for anyone looking for a unique and fun way to spend their free time. With plenty of locations for public and private mining, there are treasures to be found for anyone who wants to explore.

Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a beginner,

Anderson County and Greenville County offer abundant opportunities for a fantastic adventure. In conclusion, South Carolina has an array of beautiful gem-mining opportunities, from paid digs and tourist attractions to public and private lands.

Greenville Gemstone Mine and Diamond Hill Mine are both great family-friendly options, while

Spartanburg County and

Anderson County offer unique experiences for those seeking private and public land mining. Tigerville Prospect in Greenville County offers an excellent opportunity to explore streams and creeks for zircon, but visitors should be aware that it is operated on private land with some access restrictions.

Here are some frequently asked questions about gem-mining in South Carolina:

1. Are there any legal issues to be aware of while mining for gems in South Carolina?

Yes, it is imperative to follow carefully laid out rules while mining gems and to do so legally to avoid legal issues. 2.

What is flume mining? Flume mining is an activity where you get to use a screen in flowing water to sift and search for hidden gemstones.

3. Are there any hidden gemstones in flume mining?

Yes, many flume mining locations offer salted gemstones added for the sake of fun. 4.

Do I need to be physically fit to participate in gem-mining activities? Not necessarily, as many gem-mining locations and activities are accessible regardless of physical ability.

5. Can anyone mine for gems on public lands?

Yes, as long as you follow safety protocols and obey the law, anyone can mine for gems in public lands. 6.

Can I mine for gems in

Anderson County? Yes,

Anderson County is rich with gems such as aquamarine, topaz, and more, providing ample opportunities for mining.

7. Can visitors access private land to mine for gems?

Access to private land varies depending on the location, with some requiring special permission or membership to clubs.

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