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6 Must-Visit Locations to Find Precious Opals in the US

Finding a precious stone like opal is an experience that most people cherish for a lifetime. The sheer beauty and rarity of this gem make it one of the most sought-after minerals ever discovered.

Opal is known for its unique play of color, making it a captivating addition to any jewelry collection. Fortunately, the United States has plenty of locations where you can go out and find this precious gem.

In this article, well explore some of the best places to find opal in the US. Royal Peacock Mine, Nevada

The Royal Peacock Mine is located on the northwestern edge of the Virgin Valley in Nevada, near the Oregon border.

This mine is famous for its black opals, which are some of the rarest and valuable types of opal in the world. The mine offers two types of dig options: direct mine bank dig and tailings mine dig.

The direct mine bank dig requires a higher level of fitness as it involves digging into virgin territory where no one has been before. This method offers a chance to find a rare and unique gemstone.

Besides, you can also find opalized fossils that are around 16 million years old. It’s one of the few mines which allows you to keep everything you find.

The tailings mine dig is for people who are not as athletic and requires less hard work. This method involves digging into areas where previous diggers have already explored, but this does not necessarily mean that there are no gems left to be discovered.

In this phase, the quality of the opals can be slightly lower. Juniper Ridge Opal Mine, Oregon

Juniper Ridge Opal Mine is located in southeastern Oregon, about 90 miles southwest of Burns.

This mine offers an opportunity to find fire opals, which are known for their bright orange color and transparency. The private claim is known for producing high-quality fire opal, and it’s known to be one of the best locations in the US to find fire opals.

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine, Nevada

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine is another notable location located in Virgin Valley, Nevada. The mine produces some of the world’s best opal specimens and offers expensive paid digs for visitors.

The quality of the materials is high, but also the price. The power of Rainbow Ridge opals is in their exceptional play of color, which is comparable to no other gemstone.

Spencer Opal Mine, Idaho

Spencer Opal Mine is located in southeastern Idaho’s Owyhee desert and is well-known for its thin-slice opals. The mine is located on an ancient rhyolite bedrock, and the opals are hidden in the rock’s layers.

The mine offers a paid dig option for visitors, and the quality of the opal is excellent. Vernon Parish, Louisiana

Louisiana Sand Opal is a unique type of opal that’s impregnated with silica-rich fluid in sandstone.

This rarest opal in the world is found in only one place – Vernon Parish in Louisiana which makes it a must-visit location for every opal collector, fan, and enthusiast. The opal is known for its apparent uniqueness and fragility, and visitors are only allowed to hunt for the opal with the landowner’s permission.


Opal is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful minerals in the world, and finding it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you are a collector or just enjoy finding extraordinary gems, these five locations are a great place to start your search.

Remember, there are many more places to find opal in the US, but these five are among the best and offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Get your tools and head out to one of these locations to experience the thrill of finding the precious gemstone known as opal.

3) Juniper Ridge Opal Mine, Oregon

Juniper Ridge Opal Mine is one of the best places for fire opal in the US. Fire opal is a unique variety of opal that is known for its glass-like appearance and vivid hues that range from yellow to deep red.

Some fire opals have been known to be faceted into gemstones, which makes them highly treasured by collectors and jewelry makers. The high-quality fire opal found at the Juniper Ridge Opal Mine is world-renowned and sought after by many collectors.

These opals have a depth of color that is unparalleled, and their beauty is truly breathtaking. These gems are found embedded in rock layers in private claims, and you can dig for them and keep whatever you find.

To dig for fire opal, you can contact the mine owners through their Facebook page. They provide information about opportunities for paid digs and answer any questions visitors have.

The mine offers tours where visitors can learn about the history of the mine, the opals found there, and learn about the process of opal mining. Paid digs are offered at Juniper Ridge Opal Mine, and these provide visitors with a unique opportunity to search for their own fire opal.

Paid digs are generally around $80 to $100 per day, and you can keep anything you find. The mine owners provide detailed instructions on how to mine and what to look for, making it a smooth experience for all visitors.

Juniper Ridge Opal Mine in Oregon is an excellent location to find high-quality fire opal. Whether you are a collector, a jeweler, or just a lover of gemstones, Juniper Ridge is a must-visit.

4) Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine, Nevada

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine is one of the most well-known opal mines in the US. The mine is located in Virgin Valley, Nevada, and is famous for its precious opal specimens.

This mine is unique because the opals are formed in the wet clay, and they must be kept wet at all times to prevent crazing. Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine is open to visitors who want to try their luck at finding opals.

There are two types of digs available: virgin earth digging and tailings digging. Virgin earth digging is an expensive option, with a fee of $700 per day.

It is the best way to find high-quality specimens, as it involves digging directly into the virgin earth. The opals found in virgin earth are of exceptional quality, with a brilliant play of color.

The second option is tailings digging, which is cheaper at around $100 per day. It involves digging into the remnants of previous mining efforts, and the quality of the opals may not be as high compared to virgin earth digging.

However, visitors can still find valuable and unique opals through this method. While visiting Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine, it’s important to remember that wetting the opals is crucial, as they become brittle and prone to breaking when they dry out.

The mine owners provide detailed instructions on how to handle and care for the opals found in the mine. In conclusion, Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine in Nevada offers visitors a chance to experience opal mining firsthand and potentially find valuable and beautiful opals.

Whether you choose to dig in the virgin earth or the tailings, the experience is unforgettable, and the opals found there are breathtaking. 5) Spencer Opal Mine, Idaho

Spencer Opal Mine is nestled in the heart of Idaho’s remote Owyhee desert and is a unique location to find opal.

The formation of opal in this mine is different from those in other mines, as the opals are formed in thin slices of rhyolite bedrock and obsidian fields that are layered with silica. The silica forms into opal over time, creating a stunning array of color that is unique to Spencer Opal Mine.

Opal mining at Spencer Opal Mine started in the 1940s, and it has since become a popular destination for visitors interested in finding opal. The mine offers paid digs, but the price is not listed on their website.

Visitors can contact the mine owners to inquire about the cost of paid digs. Paid digs at Spencer Opal Mine provide visitors with the opportunity to experience opal mining firsthand and try their hand at finding their gemstones.

Visitors can dig in the opal-bearing rocks and keep whatever opals they find. The mine owners provide instructions on how to mine and what to look for, making it a smooth experience for all visitors.

Opals found in Spencer Opal Mine are unique, with colors ranging from vivid greens and blues to warm oranges and reds. The opals are thin and can be cut into thin slices to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

Spencer Opal Mine is a must-visit location for anyone interested in finding this unique and beautiful gemstone. 6) Vernon Parish, Louisiana

Vernon Parish in Louisiana is a unique location to find a rare type of opal known as Louisiana Sand Opal.

This opal is formed in a sandstone matrix that is impregnated with a silica-rich fluid, creating a stunning opal conglomerate. These opals are known for their unusual appearance and are highly prized by collectors around the world.

Louisiana Sand Opal is challenging to find, and visitors must get permission from the landowner to search for it. The opals are embedded in sandstone and require sustained effort to extract them.

Visitors are advised to bring proper digging tools and take caution while mining to avoid accidents. Louisiana Sand Opal is known for its apparent uniqueness and fragility, making it a highly collectible gemstone.

Its warm yellow or orange coloring is interspersed with an iridescent play of color that is remarkable in its brilliance. While there are few locations in the world to find Louisiana Sand Opal, Vernon Parish is one of the most prominent.

Visitors to the area should contact the landowner to gain permission to search for these incredible, rare, and highly prized gems. In conclusion, Spencer Opal Mine in Idaho and Vernon Parish in Louisiana are unique locations where you can find rare and valuable opals.

Whether you’re an opal collector, jewelry maker, or just an enthusiast, these locations offer an opportunity to experience opal mining firsthand and potentially find stunning and unique opals that are unparalleled in their beauty. In conclusion, the United States is home to some of the most unique and valuable opals in the world.

From Nevada to Idaho and Louisiana, opal mines offer visitors the opportunity to experience the thrill of finding these precious gemstones firsthand. Whether you’re a collector, jewelry maker, or just an enthusiast, these locations offer an unforgettable experience to take home.


1. What is opal, and how is it formed?

– Opal is a mineraloid that is formed through the hardening of silica gel in cracks and voids in rocks. 2.

What types of opal can be found in the US?

– Different types of opals such as black opals, fire opals, sand opals, and precious opals can be found in various locations around the US.

3. Are opal mines open to visitors, and how much do they cost?

– Many opal mines are open to visitors. Some offer paid digs at various costs depending on the location.

4. What are the risks associated with opal mining?

– Opal mining can be physically challenging, with potential dangers such as cave-ins and falling rocks. Visitors should take all necessary precautions while exploring the mines.

5. How can one identify an opal?

– Opals often display a characteristic play-of-color that makes them easy to distinguish from other gemstones. They can also be identified through various properties such as their hardness and specific gravity.

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